"I think the best compliment I can pay Joel is that other musicians are amazed by his talent."

Graham Pope of GP Music Promotions and promoter of Uckfield Blues & Roots Festival

"I've had the pleasure to work closely with Joel on a few different musical projects throughout the last year. Most recently, my summer tour in the UK. His attention to detail both on and off stage is unmatchable! He is a superb talent whether he is singing or playing one of many instruments he excels at. Not to mention his show preparation involving any amount of tour manager/sound engineer type duties were executed efficiently and cost effective which put my mind at ease to focus on performing. He is a creative talent and a musical genius who I'm fortunate to call my friend and I look forward to many more ventures with him to see what music we can create together. ":- Heidi Burson 2015

Hello everyone!! 

Thank you for visiting my website. 

I'm on a bit of a journey - aren't we all - and I want to share that with you while building a healthy and vibrant community of friends, followers and musical collaborators. I believe music can be a real force for good in all our lives. If the music itself can offer emotional and mental nourishment then the structure of the business can also be a hub of support offering a valid contribution to supporting communities and making positive change for all involved. 

I want my music to reflect the wide and vibrant range of human experience but I mostly choose to use the channels of black american music as a means to express myself: Funk, Soul, Blues and Jazz. These genres really move me and I feel they are able to communicate the feelings I would like to share.

I also want to have fun, I would love to come to a town near you, bring some of the incredible musicians I get to work with and peform new and well known songs!

When you get back SOLOs clip.mp4


Joel was given his first guitar at the age of 7. His father had played a little guitar but there were also a lot of strong musical influences by the way of The Beatles, The Carpenters, Stevie Wonder and many more heard in the family home. A passion for performance was ignited fairly early and Joel played guitar and sang at school assemblies and concerts as regularly as he could...Years later guitar was the focus of studies at the BIMM music school in Brighton while at the same time practising his licks behind the counter of the local petrol station as a part time service attendant. The video adjacent is the guitar solo from Joel & friends covering Jon Cleary's "When You Get Back"

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Joel started singing at a very young age as a lot of 80's kids did in the UK singing Hymns and songs in school assembly. But it wasn't long before performances in front of other students started taking place and a an unfortunate case of Glandular Fever for another singer at one of Joel's formative school concerts thrust him to the front of the stage to sing Dire Straits' moody classic Brothers In Arms. There are a world of vocal influences that have provided a technical and tonal scaffold for Joel's vocal style. From Prince to B.B. King, Joss Stone to Joey Landreth, Nat King Cole to Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra etc etc. Joel has opefromed as a vocalist with great artists including 10cc, The Alter Eagles, Heidi Burson and many more...

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With a thorough understanding of music theory and roles of  the instruments, Joel will take the chance to perfom with a band. Playing bass guitar is another one of those chances. having fun as part of the Rhythm section and "locking in" with great drummers, this is a role with it's unique opportunities for enjoyment. Hear you can hear Joel Playing guitar, bass, drums and singing on his record "Share With You"...


"I love drumming...it's some of the most fun you can have on stage" This is a foundation of a lot of the musical approach of Joel's playing. It is, for the most part, meant to be fun and while technique is very important it needs balancing with the sheer enjoyment of connection with other players. Joel relishes the chance to jump behind the drums and is available to hire for function bands, original projects and solo-drum-a-thon-funk-bonanza performances. 

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 A powerful presence on any stage...

 Joel White is dynamic, musical and entertaining in equal measure. Soul, Blues, Jazz and Funk are the languages he most fluently speaks. Since the age of 7 playing music has been a part of his life, starting with guitar then diversifying and adapting to becoming a multi-instrumentalist and accomplished songwriter. 

Whilst building a multi-faceted portfolio career Joel has worked behind the scenes with great acts including 10cc, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Vanessa-Mae and The Three Degrees. On stage his skill in listening and engaging with others musically has taken him around the world including performances in the US, Scotland, Belgium, Holland, Austria and as far afield as Australia.

At the start of this new chapter, Joel is making strides at home and on foreign soil, taking his music to a wider audience. His influences include the likes of B.B. King, The Beatles, The Carpenters, Jon Cleary, Stevie Wonder, Dire Straits, Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan and many more. Sharing passion and enthusiasm in communication of emotion and feeling are central to the music Joel creates.

In recent years Joel's performance credits include 10cc, Aynsley Lister, Red Butler, Heidi Burson and support for Veronica Sbergia & Max De Bernardi, Lisa Mills, The Animals, Catfish, Maggie Bell And The British Blues Quintet and many more.