Mike Willis

...one dark december night in 2014...Joel and Mike first played together in the upstairs room of a pub in Eastbourne. Since then they have worked together on a handful of projects that has seen the travel thousabnds of miles, play hundreds of shows, write together and continue to build a strong professional friendship. A common passion for great music, building quality business relationships and helping each other has bought these two great musicians together.

"I have massive respect for Mike's song writing skill, singing and his amazing abilitites to communicate with his audience. It has taught me something every time we've played together." - Joel White

Hailing originally from Decatur, GA, Mike has performed to audiences around the world, written for Nashville music publishers and now established a life in the south of England. Here he has put down new roots and collaborates, performs and writes with other great musicians, including members of the Diamond Experience musical family. His main project is KIKU a songwriters app but Mike's skill on stage is unmistakeable. You'll know when 'Tennessee Mike' Willis is in town.