Heidi Burson

A breath of fresh air in modern soul music...

Heidi Burson is an incredible soul artist based in Nashville TN. Joel and Heidi have collaborated on gigs, recording and touring since 2015. The partnership is based on a great friendship and working together to help each other move forward in their respective careers.

In 2017 Heidi covered one of Joel's songs "All You Need" and released that on her second album that can be heard on Spotify.

Featuring Joel on drums, here's Heidi and her talented band playing the fantastic 'Drown In My Own Tears' in an iconic Hastings venue: The Albion.

...Live In Edinburgh

This video taken as part of a 2018 Fringe Festival performance. Enjoy.

Live In Hastings...

January 2019: This was a performance by the 4pc Heidi Burson band in Hastings on the south coast of England.

Live in Berlin

An excerpt from a fantastic performance for Jazz Radio Berlin in Jan 2019.